Welcome to Corefit by Samreen! We are here to help you get healthier and more fit. Our commitment is to help you live your greatest quality of life. We can help you achieve your goals through providing services in both health coaching and personal training. It is by creating more balance between the mind, body and soul that you can achieve greater happiness and health. Being physically strong can especially help with being mentally and spiritually strong. This website is dedicated to helping you achieve your greatest fitness potential so that you can you live your healthiest and best quality of life.

Would you like to feel better? Get healthier? Lose weight? Get stronger? Have less stress?
Research shows that it takes 21 days to change habits. People set goals and make New Year’s resolutions that usually don’t last. They fall back into their old habits. Why? Most approaches don’t work because people do not have the tools that can help them get there.

Our health coaching program provides accountability and includes behavioral modification tools that work. We can help you create lasting change. We can help you push the boundaries of your comfort zone. If you want to change those habits that are getting in the way from you achieving a healthier and better quality of life, then contact us to schedule your free consultation: samreenpt@yahoo.com

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